3 Secrets — How I Got Over 1,000,000 Views for 3 Years of Writing

Some of the best insights and lessons that I learned throughout this journey

Mark Vassilevskiy
7 min readAug 31

I always wanted to find a hobby that would generate a little bit of traffic and income and that wouldn’t take more than one hour a day. Sounds pretty utopian, but writing was the best option in this case.

I’ve been writing on Medium since the summer of 2020. I’ve been failing, improving, practicing, and finally achieving what I always strived for.

Now, I have a little bit over 7.7K followers, around 700,000 views on Medium, and around 300,000 on several other platforms. Here’s the proof:

Hitting the million-view mark isn’t just luck or wizardry. It’s a mix of creativity, authenticity, and a few unique secrets. Want to know how I did it? Sit back and read on!

1. Write Like You Talk

Have you ever read an article that felt like a chat with your friend? That’s the magic of writing like you talk in real life.

Your readers are the same people who surround you in real life. And there’s no sense in writing for them in some specific form. Forget formalities.

Imagine that you’re inviting some of your readers into your living room for cozy storytelling. Seriously, let your imagination replace your home screen with a person who is truly interested in what you’re talking about.

It would upgrade your storytelling hundreds of times, and it’s probably the easiest way to forget about all the complexes.

Stop thinking that Elon will read your article. If you’re just starting out, then in most cases, nobody would give a f*ck about you and your pieces of writing.

But there’s also nothing unusual, this is the journey of starting and exploring something new. When I first wrote an article, it got around 60 views — not that good, some of you may say. But it was one of my biggest achievements in life. Just think of it: 60 real people just read…



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